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Who doesn’t like the smell of a good candle? These scents can take us back to a special time or event in our lives. Maybe it was a wedding or summer vacation or just a relaxing night at home reading your favorite book? Everyone enjoys a fragrant candle or wax melt. Here at Sunset Palm Candles, we have a mission to bring a little cheer and happiness into everyone’s life.

My wife and I were both raised to give back to the community and donate to charities that best represent our values. We do not offer our fundraising program to just any organization, we need to know that what we will embark on is for a great cause. That is why you are receiving this letter. We have selected a few schools, children’s facilities and animal rescue centers that best align themselves with our values.

We have a full disclosure policy when we partner with any client. We share our costs and profit as well as a suggested price point for your organization in an attempt to maximize your fundraising efforts.

So why wait any longer?  Let’s meet, set goals and let the fun and fundraising begin!

Lori & Joe Murray

Sunset Palm Candles


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