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Our candle company quest began in 2020 when we started looking to relocate to SW Florida. It was derived from three things:  our love for the Gulf Coast, our retirement plans and ultimately our love for great smelling candles.


The plan was simple, move closer to the beach and make a great candle that would evoke one’s thoughts of a relaxing time and place.

We realized a couple of obstacles. First, we had to do more than just beachy / ocean scents and second, candles are more difficult to make than we anticipated.


We researched different products and what goes into a great candle. After much dedication and development, we discovered the perfect formula for our candles and we are ready to share our experiences with you.


Our website was completed, inventory stocked, business cards and candle care cards designed and ordered. We then set up Instagram and Facebook, purchased a craft show tent and tables and last but not least wrapped our truck in our company logo and hit the ground running.


Currently we have thirty scented candles in various sizes. We also have melts, gift sets and have launched our 12oz Signature Series Soy candles. In addition to our candles, we also sell rechargeable lighters, wick trimmers and wax melters.


When people see our truck and ask us about our candles, we always make time to chat and enjoy giving free candles away.  We enjoy the feedback about our candles.


Enjoy the sun and sand and let the scent transcend you…

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